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Welcome to Angkor Crystal Soyada Hotel!

Set in the beautiful suitable attributes in the world of genuine smile, the World Heritage Site, Angkor Crystal Soyada Hotel aspires to offer a warmth welcome with unsurpassed service and a true hospitality from heart to which every moment of your stay will be leaving you once-in-a-lifetime experience. Angkor Crystal Soyada Hotel is totally comprising 46 rooms and divided into three types; single 16 rooms, double 28 rooms and triple 2 rooms. The Hotel is ideally located on National highway 6, Chong Kao Sou Village, Siem Reap Angkor Wat Cambodia. It’s just 20mn from Siem Reap International Airport and 10 mn to the most nightlife area Pub-Street, there are a number of means to go about enjoying the city during the evening time, by Tuk Tuk.

Our Accommodations


Hi there! You probably want to test your sound by singing the song seriously? If you’re a keen crooner or screamer. Check out some of most popular Siem Reap’s Karaokes. While Neang Poun KTV hosts you a reasonable price with astutely decorated 18 rooms, modern equipment, air-conditioned, convenient seats, large LCD screens, and LED warm lighting. At this juncture in time, you will be inspired from our professional courteous hostesses to take the microphone if you feel a bit sheepish. Yet if you prefer to arrange for a group of families, friends or colleagues, then here is the only entertaining place to create a happy cheerful time with/for them.

One call does it all!